Tarot Portrait Commissions

Painting you as your Favorite Archetypes to deepen your intuition and narrate your myth

The Changing Women
Blossoming Union
She Swollowed The Sun

I am Samantha Rebrovich, Oil painter of seven years and tarot reader since 2019

Tarot has assisted me through different cycles through life. Tarot is a tool that uses your intuition to divinate clarity.
I believe the card we are attracted to is a reflection who we are and can help navigate the path of the archetype playing out in our own lives.
In essence the journey of Tarot is the Journey of Life. Ultimately, we write our own myths.
Using the power of this unique offering you can Affirm and manifest your story and use it as a source of inspiration to motivate your steps along your path.

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The Changing Women
Diana of The Hunt
Daughter of The Moon
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See yourself as your favorite archetype and affirm your power!

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See your essence through custom tarot-inspired portraits.

In a gallery-wrapped 18x24 inch stretched canvas using the highest quality pigments and finished in a protective varnish this painting is of the highest quality. There will only be 8 spots available.

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